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Oracle10g Application Server Basic Administration


This course will teach attendees how to install, configure, deploy, and manage the Oracle10g Application Server. Students will learn Oralce10g Application Server architecture and the features and best practices for deployment in the enterprise. Students will configure the different components such as the Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle10gAS Web Cache, and Oracle10gAS Containers for J2EE. Deploying PL/SQL applications, Servlets, JSPs, Web applications and Web Services will be addressed. Application server administration issues such as Oracle10gAS Single Sign-On (SSO) and the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) are also covered. The course will cover the architectural configurations for high availability for both the infrastructure tier as well as the middle-tier.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the role of a Web administrator
  • Describe the architecture and components of Oracle Application Server (OracleAS) Infrastructure including its components and services
  • Install OracleAS Infrastructure and OracleAS Middle Tier
  • Configure and manage OracleAS Infrastructure components
  • Configure and manage OracleAS Middle Tier components
  • Manage and configure OracleAS Certificate Authority
  • Deploy and manage Web applications
  • Enhancing Oracle Application Server Components to Use SSL

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While no specific prerequisites are stated for this course, it is assumed that the reader has experience using, developing or administering information systems technologies including, but not limited to, databases. In particular, experience in the following subjects will be useful:


A working knowledge of HTML and familiarity with XML.

The basics of the Java programming language and Java development concepts.

Knowledge of J2EE concepts is also helpful.

A general knowledge of TCP/IP networking, especially the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

A good understanding of the Oracle database.

A working knowledge of the operating system, such as Unix, MS Windows, and so on, in which the Oracle Application Server environment will operate.

4 Days  

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