KT-3087 Backup and Recovery with Oracle 10g RMAN Training - Minneapolis, Minnesota IT MN Technical Financial New York, NY
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Backup and Recovery with Oracle 10g RMAN


A hands-on introduction to the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) utility for backup and recovery of Oracle8i, 9i and 10g databases. The training provides in-depth coverage of RMAN including new features for Oracle 10g; RMAN architecture, installation and setup (including Oracle Net, Catalog Tablespace/SYSAUX in 10g startup options and the Flash Recovery Area); executing RMAN commands (including 8i Job Blocks and syntax for Oracle 9i and above); RMAN channels including parallel backups, manual and automatic allocation; BACKUP, AUTOBACKUP and an overview of backing up; restore and recovery; debugging RMAN; scripting and reporting; working with tapes; RMAN maintenance, and in-depth RMAN tuning.

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Students must possess a working knowledge of:

  • Oracle architecture (e.g. What is archiving?  What is the control file?) 
  • Oracle startup and shutdown (e.g. What is MOUNT mode? What is the parameter file?)
  • Some DDL commands such as CREATE TABLESPACE

Backup and recovery concepts are helpful but not necessary (e.g. what is a point in time recovery?).

3 Days  

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