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Oracle Introduction to PL/SQL Programming


This class will teach you how to write PL/SQL programs. You will learn the critical aspects of PL/SQL language including language basics, bulk processing, procedures, , functions, and triggers , error handling and packages. Hands-on workshops constitute approximately 50% of the class.

Audience: Developers, DBAs and analysts

Objectives: After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Code PL/SQL programs that include common programming constructs such as data-typing, var iable assignment, flow control, cursor handling, bulk processing, array processing a nd error handling
  • Use bulk processing to write efficient PL/SQL programs.
  • Use UTL_FILE to read and write to operating system files.
  • Use DBMS_PROFILER to profile and tune PL/SQL programs.
  • Create efficient server-side stored procedures, functions and triggers
  • Track and manage object dependencies
  • Create and maintain simple Oracle packages
  • Describe the new features of Oracle that address the Internet and very large databases
  • Describe the fundamental concepts of the Relational Model of Data and how Oracle adheres to the model
  • Successfully master the material for exam s 1 and 2 of the Oracle Certified Application Developer Program.

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You must be a programmer to benefit from this class. Experience with any procedural language such as Java, C or COBOL is required. You must also know SQL and SQL*Plus. We will not teach you the basics of programming such as logic flow and conditional logic. We will teach you how to do it in PL/SQL.

3 Days  

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