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Supporting Users Running Microsoft Windows XP Desktop Operating Systems


This three-day instructor led course is to provide individuals who are new to Microsoft Windows® XP with the knowledge and skills necessary to troubleshoot basic problems end users will face while running Microsoft Windows XP Professional in an Active Directory® network environment, or Windows XP Home edition in a workgroup environment. This is an introductory course designed to provide an overview of operating system concepts and how to troubleshoot Windows XP.

This is the first course in the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician curriculum.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for people who have little or no job experience in the IT industry. They will have experience working with Windows desktop systems and will be A+ certified, or have equivalent knowledge. The target audience will typically be:

  • New entrants to the IT field
  • Career changers entering the IT field
  • Academic students

When students complete the course, they will typically enter their career in the IT industry performing in two different capacities. They will support end users who run Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional in a corporate environment, or will support end users who run Windows XP Home Edition in a home environment. They will provide computer owners with over-the-telephone support or support the end user when they bring their computer to a computer shop for support.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the role and key skills of a desktop support technician (DST) and the different environments they work in.
  • Describe the concepts of user accounts, user profiles and user rights, and identify and resolve logon issues.
  • Identify and resolve system configuration and security issues.
  • Identify and resolve network connectivity issues.
  • Identify and resolve hardware issues.
  • Identify and resolve file and folder issues.
  • Identify and resolve print issues.
  • Identify and resolve startup issues.

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  • Basic experience using a Microsoft Windows Operating system such as Windows XP
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Windows accessories, including Internet Explorer
  • Basic understanding of core operating system technologies including installation and configuration
  • Basic understanding of hardware components and their functions
  • Basic understanding of the major desktop components and interfaces, and their functions
  • Basic understanding of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) settings
  • How to use command-line utilities to manage the operating system
  • Basic understanding of technologies that are available for establishing Internet connectivity.
3 Days  

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