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Plumtree Administration Quick Start


This course provides a comprehensive overview of all the most commonly used aspects of the Plumtree Corporate Portal. Students will learn how to install, configure and administer the Plumtree 5.0.x Portal. It is also for the person wanting to understand how to conduct a Plumtree project. In 2 days you will implement a portal that can be used as a departmental solution. All aspects of Plumtree are reviewed including MyPages, Automation Servers, Search, Web Services, Portlets, Communities, Sub Portals, the Knowledge Directory, and best practices to keep the portal up and running smoothly.

After the training, the student should be able to:

  • Register Automation Servers  
  • Create, run and troubleshoot Jobs  
  • Perform routine Portal maintenance  
  • Use PTSPY and the new Migration Wizard  
  • Create Users and Groups in the Portal  Set up Activity Rights for users  
  • Manage permissions using Access Control Lists  
  • Create Communities  
  • Create Projects in Collaboration Server  
  • Create Subportals and understand their use  
  • Configure Web Services  
  • Configure an AD Authentication Web Service  
  • Configure a Plumtree User Profile Web Service  
  • Understand all of the content management objects in the Portal  
  • Create a Crawler to allow access to external content through the Portal  
  • Maintain Portal content and its search index  
  • Implement Portal best practices

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Familiarity with browsers and web applications

3 Days  

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Comments on the Course

We are combining our two most popular courses into one jam-packed week.

The first 2 days will cover Plumtree Administration followed by three days of Portlet Development with the EDK.

You may attend the 2-day segment, the 3-day segment or the entire week.

There is a limit of 10 participants.