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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma


Lean and Six Sigma methodologies (Lean6σ) have been around since the late 1980's. Even so, many of us have little experience applying Lean6σ within a project management structure or within our organization. This course will provide you with an understanding of Lean6σ basics and the value they bring to the right type of projects. You will gain a vision for how to choose productive projects to apply Lean6σ. This course is designed for those considering Lean6σ projects future Lean6σ team members, managers who provide staff for or are otherwise affected by Lean6σ projects, and anyone wishing more understanding of Lean, Six Sigma, and how to apply these concepts via powerful process improvement projects.

Even well run organizations have operations and project areas where improvement is not only possible but becoming mandatory to keep up with the current high expectations of doing more with less, international competition, and flattened management levels. Changing market conditions, reduced budgets and staff levels, long working hours, increased available metrics, high turnover, and other influences demand our continued efforts to improve our processes, projects, and results. You can use the skills gained in this course to form a plan for your personal development to guide, participate in, or even lead projects using Lean6σ techniques.

  • Discover Lean6σ techniques to process improvement, integration, and new product projects
  • Learn the common language and terms of Lean6σ learning areas, projects, and professionals
  • Learn the basics of DMAIC Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control methodology
  • Assess if Six Sigma and Lean processes are a fit for your organization
  • Understand the various Lean, 6σ, and Lean6σ designations such as 'Green Belt', 'Black Belt'
  • Refresh your basic statistics and process improvement skills without the full effort of certification
  • Understand where Lean6σ may yield increased revenue or decrease product and service expenses
  • Learn how to work with Lean6σ staff, consultants, and vendors and key Lean6σ roles
  • Find if Lean6σ Green Belt or Black Belt training is right for you or your organization
  • Be awarded PMI® Approved PDUs, IIBA® Approved CDUs, and other continuing education credits

Who Should Attend


Anyone involved in operations, project management, business analysis, or management would benefit from this class. This training course is perfect for:

  • Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, CBAP, CCBA
  • Systems and other Analysts
  • Business customers, users, support staff
  • Project Manager, Team Leader, PMP, CAPM
  • IT Lead, Manager, Director, VP
  • Finance Analyst, Manager, Director, VP,
  • Operations Analyst, Supervisor, Manager, Director, VP
  • Fast track managers in all areas
  • External and Internal Consultants
  • Risk Managers, Operations Risk Professionals
  • Process Improvement, Compliance, Audit, and Staff, Thought Leaders, Transformation Champions
  • Executives exploring cost reduction and process improvement options
  • Vendor of consulting firm staff seeking to adapt their offerings to Lean6σ projects
  • Anyone wanting to enhance their process, measurement, and operations improvement skills

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This class has no prerequisites

2 Days  

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This class is a 2-Day Public Session and a 3-Day Virtual Session