KT-7002 Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training - Minneapolis, Minnesota IT MN Technical Financial New York, NY
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Communication and Interpersonal Skills


In the working environment, technical abilities are not enough to guarantee your success. You need interpersonal skills to support your technical expertise!

You have the “hard side” of your job down pat. But how about the “soft side?” Your interpersonal skills can spell the difference between success and failure in actually getting your job done.
Improve every aspect of your working relationships! Spend three days at this intensive learn-by-doing seminar that has been carefully tailored to meet your unique needs, concerns and challenges as a technical professional in today’s business environment.

What You Will Cover

  • The unique challenges of the technical professional
  • The key elements of communication
  • Developing self-awareness and improve your relationships with others
  • Developing assertiveness strategies
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Building effective teams through good interpersonal skills
  • Understanding on-the-job relationships
  • Communicating to make the right visual, vocal and verbal impact
  • Gaining the cooperation of other departments to implement ideas

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3 Days  

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