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Dealing with Difficult People


This course coaches you on how to deal with difficult people in the workplace. Personalities play a major role and can present major obstacles to productivity. This course teaches the art of handling and cooperating with any employee

Have you ever encountered these types of people?

  • A co-worker who takes credit for your ideas/work
  • A stakeholder with hidden agendas
  • A peer who attempts to taint your reputation
  • A mixture of stakeholders disagreeing about requirements with you caught in the middle
  • A gossiper
  • A bully
  • A person who can never say no
  • A chronic complainer, etc.

Odds are you have encountered at least one of these behaviors and many others when you have interacted with people. How would you rate your performance in dealing with that difficult person? If you gave yourself anything less than an "A," than this is the workshop to boost you into the "A" category!

The Carnegie Institute of Technology analyzed the records of 10,000 people, and arrived at the conclusion that "15 percent of success is due to technical training  to brains and skill on the job, and 85 percent of success is due to personality factors  the ability to deal with other people successfully!" Unfortunately the effect of the stress when dealing with difficult people can result in reduced workplace productivity, bad attitudes, and in some cases cause people to be reluctant to even go to work.

The Result?

You do not have to tolerate difficult behaviors at work, nor do you have to be a victim. People behave poorly due to various reasons, including:

  • Bad habits
  • Unawareness
  • Fully aware and intentional

There are numerous workshops and books on dealing with difficult people, so what makes this approach different? The fact that you will examine how you react and respond to difficult people, and how you can become part of the solution. As an added benefit you will also discover the tactics you learn in this workshop will help you both personally and professionally.

Four out of five people will tell you it's important for people to collaborate at work. When people work together, they don't always agree. When they don't agree some people portray difficult behaviors to get their way. The more savvy you are about dealing with these difficult behaviors, the more likely you will succeed in your life and in your career. Dealing with Difficult People: The Art of Handling Any Employee is your ticket to get you there.

Immediate benefits of attending this class:

1.Learn how to build effective business relationships

2.Appreciate the value of developing a network of diverse business relationships

3.Plan for how you will deal with workplace politicians

4.Become politically savvy

5.Create win-win outcomes in difficult situations

6.Prepare for how to handle political problems from various workplace politicians

7.Spot workplace political problems before excessive damage occurs

8.Deal effectively with political problems in your workplace

9.Learn strategies to effectively influence others

10.Capture what others find valuable during the influencing process

11.Master the art of influencing others in difficult situations

12.Appreciate the value of conflict when handled properly

13.Recognize potential conflicting situations so you can react appropriately

14.Employ the conflict resolution process to help deal with difficult people in challenging situations

15.Learn the different types of difficult behaviors practitioners display in the workplace

16.Discover approaches in how to deal with difficult behaviors so you can bring out the best of people during these situations

17.Practice conducting discussions with problematic people and/or situations

18.Understand how you currently deal with difficult people

19.Determine what to change in your current approach for dealing with difficult people

20.Create an action plan to transfer what you have learned in this workshop

Anyone involved in "working and collaborating with others" would benefit from this class. This course is perfect for you if you are a(n):

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead - New and Experienced
  • Manager - New and Experienced
  • IT Professional
  • Sales Professional
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Practitioner
  • Anyone involved in teams or team development
  • Anyone wanting to accelerate their career

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This class has no prerequisites

2 Days  

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This class is offered as a private training session only.  If you would like KTCS to deliver this class for your organization please call us at 866-444-6548.