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Managing Change


Today's servant leaders understand that the keys to guiding your workplace through change are to be clear-headed, responsive, alert, and dynamic. Most traditional workplaces have seen that they must be willing to change or risk the death of their organization. Very few workplaces handle changes well.

Managing change is not a top-down or trickle-down approach. Managing change is about transforming your workplace by modifying these approaches to get key stakeholders involved in the process. Get the help you need when your workplace goes through reorganization, downsizing, offering new products or services, adding new technology, or culture changes by signing up for this intensive workshop. Become a transformational change agent while leading your colleagues through change. 

  • Learn how to analyze the proposed change and understand why changes are necessary
  • Investigate how prepared the organization is for change
  • Become adept at garnering preliminary support
  • Determine essential activities to complete for proper change management execution
  • Align the key internal aspects of an organization to ensure successful change
  • Master the expectations of stakeholders as you use servant leader tactics
  • Tap into continuous improvement approaches to ensure the change process succeeds
  • Isolate key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the change strategies
  • Conquer problems and roadblocks during the implementation of the change management plan
  • Create an action plan and determine how to handle issues, transitioning the process, and lessons learned

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in "dealing with change" would benefit from this class. This course is perfect for you if you are a(n):

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager / Scrum Master / Servant Leader
  • Team Lead - New or Experienced
  • Manager - New or Experienced
  • IT Professional
  • Sales Professional
  • Customer Service Professional
  • Human Resources Professional
  • Change Management Professional
  • Organizational Development Professional
  • Ambassador of change
  • Anyone involved in teams or team development
  • Anyone wanting to accelerate their career

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This class has no prerequisites

2 Days  

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This class is a 2-Day Public Session and a 3-Day Virtual Session