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Red Hat Linux Troubleshooting


Techniques for troubleshooting a Linux system

Troubleshooting is both an art and a science. An instinct and a technique. In Red Hat® Linux® Troubleshooting (RH242), system administrators will learn techniques for troubleshooting a Linux system and how to use the troubleshooting tools available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This course is a 4-day, heavily lab-oriented class designed to help the student learn or improve troubleshooting skills. Students will gain troubleshooting experience by debugging live, virtualized systems.

Course content

  • Introduction to troubleshooting techniques, including being prepared
  • Troubleshooting hardware, including listing, testing, and analyzing devices
  • Troubleshooting applications, including diagnosing performance problems and investigating application and OS interactions
  • Troubleshooting disks and file systems, including LVM, LUKS, ext3/4, and unauthorized changes
  • Troubleshooting the network, including configuring, testing, and diagnosing problems with basic and advanced configurations
  • Security, including working effectively with (and not against) security tools like SELinux, authentication, and firewall
  • Making the most of Red Hat support resources

Who Can Benefit

Linux system administrators who understand how to install and configure a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system and who wish to deepen their understanding of troubleshooting on Linux.

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Red Hat System Administration I and II or RHCSA Rapid Track Course

RHCSA certification holder or equivalent experience

Have system administration knowledge under Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including:

  • Installation
  • Service management (using service and chkconfig, for example)
  • Basic system monitoring (using ps and top, and perhaps meminfo and the /proc file system)
  • File system management (using fdisk and mkfs)
  • Basic troubleshooting (including managing log files and perhaps the use of hardware probing tools, such as ethtool and lspci)




4 Days  

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2 Additional Training Options

Remote classroom training

High-definition training experience without the travel. Our Red Hat remote classroom course provides the same instruction, materials, labs, and interaction with a live instructor through a two-way video and virtual lab environment.  Choose the remote classroom that works best for you.

Virtual Remote Live/Instructor Led

Take this class from the convenience of your home or office.  See our Remote LIVE-Instructor Led Options