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SAP Quality Management



  • ERPtips Quality Management class will cover basic to mastery level concepts of the Quality Management module. The course begins with an overview of the module in SAP and highlights the importance of the material master as it pertains to Quality Management. It will then delve into QM master data and inspection plans. The participant will have the opportunity to create inspection lots, record results and even create defects and notifications. We will then look at how to use Quality with Procurement and Production and a review of QM reports and displays. Once we have built the foundation of master data and transactions, we will move into the QM configuration for each of Quality Planning, Inspections, and Notifications.


  • Understand cross functional and QM master data
  • Create QM Inspection Plans to be used in Inspection Lots
  • Understand how to record compliant and non-compliant inspection results
  • Create defects for non-compliant materials, and monitor them with Quality Notifications
  • Understand how to use QM within procurement, by creating Purchase Orders, receiving them and following up with QM activities
  • Understand how to use QM within production, by creating Production Orders and following up with QM activities
  • Use different display transactions to display lists and reports in QM
  • Configuration areas: Basic QM configuration settings, Quality Planning, Quality Inspection, Quality Notification

Who Should Attend:

  • Project Manager/Team Members
  • Anyone responsible for quality management


  • Beginner-Advanced

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5 Days  

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