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SAS Fundamentals


This is the course to begin with!!! It is designed to provide programming personnel and analysts with the skills necessary to produce simple reports and data sets as well as providing an understanding of how SAS manipulates and views data. The focus of the course is to consider SAS in the data processing environment and provide a strong background for programmers to tackle advanced SAS programming skills such as macros, SQL code and various procs. Practice in the application of the SAS concepts will be gained through the coding and testing of solutions to sample workshop problems. Both Batch and interactive programming will be covered.  This course assumes that the student understands the basics of data processing and the use of their system editor. This course parallels the SAS Intermediate Workshop, it should not be taken as a follow-up course to the SAS Intermediate course. 

Course objectives:

Upon completion, the student will be able to:

  • Define and access various file types
  • Define standard and nonstandard input data
  • Understand the SAS methodology
  • Sequence data
  • Manipulate data
  • Produce formatted and customized reports
  • Produce summary reports and data sets



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This course assumes that the student understands the basics of data processing and the use of their system editor.

3 Days  

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 This is a privatly offered course. We offer a wide variety of on-site training courses.  All of our courses are modularized so the curriculum can be tailored to meet your training needs.