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Security Certified Program: Advanced Security Implmentation Course


This course is designed to provide the foundation knowledge to network administrators and security professionals who are seeking to learn about advanced security issues surrounding PKI and biometrics. Advanced Security Implementation is designed to provide network administrators and security architects with an awareness of security-related issues and the essential skills they need to implement security in a given network. It is the first course offered in the second level of the Security Certified Program. This course is followed by Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS). 

Performance-Based Objectives

  • Describe the fundamentals of trusted networks.
  • Describe the concepts and principles of cryptography.
  • Implement computer forensic tools.
  • Identify current laws and legislation that influence computer security professionals.
  • Describe biometric solutions, including fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, and vocal scanning.
  • Describe strong authentication solutions and implement token-based strong authentication.
  • Describe the function of digital certificates.
  • Describe the implementation of digital signatures.

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To ensure your success, you are strongly recommended to first take the following courses or have equivalent knowledge:

Security Certified Program: Tactical Perimeter Defense

Security Certified Program: Strategic Infrastructure Security

5 Days  

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