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Hands-On SharePoint 2010 Administration


Clear, no-nonsense training on the critical SharePoint skills you need!

Protect your investment with solid "How-To" instruction!

Forget about the old SharePoint tools  this is an all new product. It offers a lot of capabilities, including a new Central Administration tool, a new SharePoint Designer, security upgrades, a new operating system and a lot more. But it takes tweaks, refinements and customization to make it what you need. This program gives you the tools for an effective and consistent administration.

In five days of no-nonsense training, you'll dig into SharePoint's features, abilities and potential capabilities with a seasoned SharePoint expert. See firsthand how it's supposed to be done with dozens of hands-on, how-to labs.

Get answers to these and dozens of other questions:

  • Where are the snags and administrative hurdles?
  • Does the new configuration and Central Administration tool really offer much better functionality and configuration options?
  • Is it easy to limit access to some users and expand access for others? What issues do you face with SharePoint's security?
  • How much can you customize SharePoint applications? How easy is it to create new applications and extend existing ones?
  • How easy is it to use the new SharePoint Designer? Is it easy to use when modifying site settings and SharePoint pages?
  • Managed Metadata Service has been highly touted. Is it easier to publish metadata across site collection, web apps, and reuse opportunities?
  • SharePoint 2010 offers better backup and recovery, even granular backups directly from Central Administration. How will this work for you and what are the possibilities for your systems and your farm?
  • There are big changes in the infrastructure Service Applications. Now they'll handle web applications in the Farm. Make it work for you!

SharePoint 2010 administration is only as good as you make it!

The new SharePoint is offering a lot of capabilities. The knowledge, operating advice and skill you get in this workshop will make SharePoint 2010 deliver for you. Most importantly, you can ensure that it's well worth your financial investment and energy.

20 Immediate Benefits of Attending this Hands-on Course

  • 1.Understand SharePoints's new administrative Interface. It's all new, and we'll show you how to use all the features you've never seen before
  • 2.Better manage SharePoint Web Applications, Site Collections and Sites
  • 3.Get to know the new central administration, inside and out, to maximize your investment
  • 4.Learn to automate business processes with SharePoint's expanded workflow system
  • 5.Fully utilize SharePoint's new monitoring and analysis tools
  • 6.Become skilled at configuring User Profile Synchronization with SharePoint 2010 applications
  • 7.Understand the best backup and recovery techniques for your SharePoint environment
  • 8.Learn to access external data with Business Connectivity Services
  • 9.Leverage SharePoint's improved search capabilities, and when to use what type of search
  • 10.Understand the application services available through Shared Provider Service. Are they as flexible as they've been touted?
  • 11.Get the best ways to work with User Profiles in order to facilitate collaboration
  • 12.Learn to synchronize and work offline with SharePoint Data through hands-on classroom experience
  • 13.Know the complexities and abilities of SharePoint Lists, Libraries and Data Work within SharePoint Designer 2010
  • 14.Understand how to use InfoPath to design and publish digital forms
  • 15.Know how to use Excel Web Services and Excel Workbooks
  • 16.Get comfortable working with Microsoft Access Databases within SharePoint 2010
  • 17.Learn new ways to delegate permissions for handling Service Applications
  • 18.Understand the new Managed Metadata Service. Easily publish metadata across site collection, Web apps and even reuse it between farms
  • 19.Understand how SharePoint's new backup possibilities are now able to do granular backups direct from Central Administration, even down to list level
  • 20.Become comfortable with SharePoint's built-in workflows, utilize templates and reuse existing SharePoint 2010 workflows

Who should attend:

Hands-On SharePoint 2010 Administration 5-day is for you:

  • SharePoint Administrators
  • SharePoint Power Users and Content Managers
  • IT Directors
  • Developers
  • System Engineers
  • IT Management

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IT Professionals and Developers Need to Attend

Both Administrators and Developers will understand in this program, what they will encounter and what they can expect out of SharePoint 2010. Its a totally new product from prior versions and will require a whole new game plan for installation and integration. If youre making a Business Case for SharePoint 2010, or you have decided to migrate to SharePoint 2010, you need to attend. Those who will benefit most include: IT Directors, Developers, System Engineers and all IT Management.

5 Days  

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