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Mastering Effective SharePoint 2010 Governance


In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Creating a Governance Plan and Team
  • Business Objective and Technical Alignment
  • Defining Site Procedures
  • SharePoint Versions and Features
  • Defining Information Architecture
  • Determining the Roles and Responsibilities
  • Deployment Life Cycle
  • Defining a Content and Site Review Process
  • Gathering and Mapping Requirements
  • Customizing for Best Practices
  • Site Hierarchy, Permissions Model, and Navigation Mechanism
  • Monitoring Performance and Management Requirements
  • Securing Web and Form Services

Your business objectives combined with technical know-how will get your governance plan put into action. Achieve maximum benefits and endurance!

SharePoint offers endless benefits  but without management practices in place, it easily gets out of control.

SharePoint has fast become the most effective and useful collaborative tool that the business world has experienced in a very long time. Why not? It offers the variety of functions, capabilities and the flexibility to meet the needs of most industries and businesses. But with this increased reliance on a growing platform, there comes a certain amount of risk. If mismanaged or not managed at all  there goes the effort, cost savings and benefit  right out the window.

In two days, the SharePoint Administrator and Manager will develop a clear-cut road map for controlled management and a game plan for future growth, future deployments and expansion of SharePoint tools. Youll have the skills and the ability to create a comprehensive plan that will meet your companys need and objectives for governance and best practices. Both technical needs and management needs, seamlessly and effortlessly blended into a strategic, well thought out program that will have staying power that can help perpetually drive your SharePoint decisions in the future.

This workshop covers both MOSS and WSS! Case studies and group hands-on exercises will help you understand, visualize, and anticipate challenges that will arise in your organization  then teach you how best to overcome them.

A Well-Managed and Well-Governed SharePoint Environment

This workshop offers you an understanding of what needs to be done to create a governance plan that works in your environment and how you need to see it through. Not just the management issues but youll also address the technical challenges and customizations you need to accomplish to have a secure and focused SharePoint environment that will be easier to govern, manage and monitor. Step by step, you will cover

  • Understanding of governance requirements
  • Determining requirements in your organization
  • How to marry technical to business needs
  • Selecting your management team
  • Determining your best practices policies
  • Customizing SharePoint to monitor and manage your polices
  • Ensuring ongoing best practices and safe, high level functionality with controls in place

With a clear, logical approach, your expert instructor will help you discover why a solid governance plan is essential to your organization and how to best implement this governance plan. Youll examine the core criteria and systems that a governance team needs to keep in mind to best manage a successful SharePoint environment. This workshop not only examines and delivers the best of SharePoint Governance, but also the common best practices and planning requirements. You will have effective SharePoint usage and maintain compliance through common company objectives. Best practices, governance policies, and technical challenges  Meet them head-on with confidence in this two day program.

If you depend on SharePoint for high-level, high volume collaboration and business intelligence  Youll find these immediate benefits...

  • 1.Learn why SharePoint Governance is critical to ensuring a successful deployment and user acceptance.
  • 2.Gain the skills to plan your deployment to meet your organizations business requirements.
  • 3.Identify common risks and concerns relating to SharePoint Server 2007.
  • 4.Plan for scaling your SharePoint deployment for future growth.
  • 5.Understand the differences between the available SharePoint editions and which one best matches your needs.
  • 6.Learn the techniques to design an effective site hierarchy, permissions model, and navigation mechanism.
  • 7.Get a better understanding of SharePoint customization and the available methods available.
  • 8.Understand the ups and downs of installing SharePoint into your environment.
  • 9.Learn how to properly test your deployment before going live.
  • 10.Learn the methods to monitor SharePoint for possible bottlenecks, performance optimization, and expansion planning.
  • 11.Review the best practices for SharePoint elements, such as lists and libraries.
  • 12.Understand the benefits and limitations of SharePoint templates.
  • 13.Learn how to limit users form customizing their own sites with SharePoint Designer.
  • 14.Learn how to use SharePoint Designer to customize your look and feel.
  • 15.Learn to customize Office Application Integration to make your SharePoint environment easier to find for your users.
  • 16.Ensure the best portal strategy  and make certain it is aligned with your companies business objectives.
  • 17.Provide a consistent and perpetual user experience by ensuring a the governance plan is followed and monitored by stakeholders.
  • 18.Learn to configure and secure SharePoints Excel Web Services.
  • 19.Learn to configure and secure SharePoints Form Services.
  • 20.Learn to configure SharePoints Enterprise Search capabilities.
  • 21.Understand how to analyze and optimize the search results that SharePoint returns.
  • 22.Create a pragmatic and thorough road map that will efficient and effective use of SharePoint throughout your organization.

Maximize your companys investment in SharePoint With Controls and Best Practices Put Into Action!




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If you need to meet the challenges of a well managed, controlled SharePoint environment, you should attend!

Microsoft SharePoint offers an incredible amount of power for an organization, but adoption of SharePoint can quickly get out of control without proper governance. This program will be a great help and benefit to the technical or management professional who must be responsible for the daily operations and success of the SharePoint environment Corporate Executives, IT Directors and Managers and SharePoint Administrators should not miss this class.

2 Days  

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