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Ranorex Advanced Training


Maximize your investment in Ranorex and mitigate the risk of an automation initiative fail with real-world, hands-on advanced Ranorex training. This advanced Ranorex training course is delivered by experienced Ranorex test automation experts and will be an invaluable opportunity to increase and enhance your Ranorex knowledge.

Elevate your test automation with Ranorex to the next level!

Attending advanced Ranorex training will allow you to maximize your investment in Ranorex by increasing the effectiveness of using Ranorex and mitigate the risk of an automation initiative to fail. The training provides a comprehensive review on how to utilize Ranorex's capability to optimize speed and robustness of recognizing objects. This robustness serves as the foundation for test automation projects where users can spend their time increasing automated test coverage instead of maintaining existing test cases. Attendees will attain a profound knowledge on how to overcome complex problems in test automation. Additionally, you will learn how to customize reporting and logging capabilities.

This advanced Ranorex training course is designed to provide answers to questions that come up when working with Ranorex. The course content was created from questions and problems arising in real-life automation projects, to prepare test automation engineers to reach the next level of Ranorex competency.

The course also allows you to test and apply newly acquired knowledge through real-world hands-on labs exercises, including examples how to best utilize the Ranorex test automation API functionality.

What you will learn in this advanced Ranorex training course:

  • Improve your understanding of the Ranorex architecture and its underlying concepts.
  • Make test automation even more reliable, robust and precise by using sophisticated RanoreXPath expressions with wildcards, functions, regular expressions and axis.
  • Apply weight rules to optimize RanoreXPath generation for your UI technology.
  • Control UI elements from code methods to read and set properties in actions across your test suite.
  • Understand how to handle (unexpected) popups to avoid interferences with test automation.
  • Customize the appearance of Ranorex Reports.
  • Extend the Ranorex Report with custom information.
  • Differentiate working with image-based vs. object-based object recognition and what the benefits of each are.

10 immediate benefits of attending this course:

  1. Learn how to use Ranorex tools and coding environments most effectively.
  2. Gain advanced practical hands-on test automation knowledge.
  3. Implement robust test automation projects for desktop, web and mobile applications.
  4. Significantly reduce future maintenance effort.
  5. Achieve a deep understanding of the tool and its underlying concept.
  6. Decrease costs of software QA.
  7. Increase speed, efficiency and the quality of your software.
  8. Optimize workflows and existing procedures with tips and tricks.
  9. Make use of various possibilities for customizations and adjustments.

This course is for anyone working in the field of quality assurance already having experience with test automation in Ranorex.

This course is for the intermediate to advanced Ranorex user. Previous knowledge with Ranorex is highly recommended. The roles for the individuals typically span across the following:

  • Developers
  • Test Automation Engineers
  • Software Engineers in Test
  • Test Developers
  • Test Automation Architects
  • Tool Professionals

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Must have a solid understanding of the topics below:

  • Basic Usage of Ranorex Tools: Spy, Studio, Repository, Recorder
  • Reusability / How to split modules
  • Data Driven Tests / Data Connectors / Using Variables
  • Ranorex Repository / Organization and Maintenance
  • Basic RanoreXPath: Syntax and Elements for Object Recognition
  • Smart Actions / (Get Value, Set Value, Invoke Action, Close Application, etc.)
  • Spy: Tracking + Instant Tracking
  • Ranorex Reports and Report Levels
  • Timing actions: Effective Timeout, Search Timeout, Delays and Wait For
  • Test Suite: Setup / Teardown Regions
2 Days  

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