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VMware View 5 Virtual Desktop Deployment


Our 4-day vSphere Infrastructure Deployment  VMware View  Virtual Desktop Deployment class offers participants the opportunity to explore in depth the advantages of VMware View. Each participant will work hands-on with real VMware® HCL servers to build and administrate a complete VMware View environment.

Each student will install and configure an ESX 4 or ESXi 4 server the right way and then build a complete VMware vSphere environment. Once each student has had the opportunity to configure his/her own environment, we will build VMware View and begin the process of deploying all different types of Virtual Desktop; Individual Desktop, Automated Desktop Pool and Linked Clone. We will also explore the more advanced VMware View Concepts as we practice Desktop Refresh and Desktop Recomposition along with testing out both Persistent and Non-Persistent operating modes.

We will focus on vSphere administration using the available GUI tools; the vSphere Client, vCenter Server, and the VMware View Manager. Administrators will learn what they need to know without loading up on legacy or highly-specific command-line tools useful only in specialized situations. This class is ideal for Administrators who work primarily in Windows and have an immediate need for useful knowledge and ability with VMware View 4. This class is fully compatible with both ESX 4 and ESXi 4!

The vSphere Infrastructure Deployment  VMware View Virtual Desktop Deployment features over 50 interactive Step-By-Step Labs (SBS LAB ), complete with detailed instructions, full-color documentation and screenshots of all steps. The book alone is sure to become one of the most valued reference materials in your library


  • Students will complete the class with a level of knowledge and comfort with VMware View which they have never had before. All students will have hands-on experience with real servers which will translate directly to their professional environment.

Course Objectives:

  • Build and configure a VMware vSphere infrastructure suitable for View
  • Build Virtual Machines suitable for use as Virtual Desktops
  • Implement Customization Specification
  • Use and deploy VM's from Templates and Clones
  • Install and Configure the VMware View Connection Server
  • Deploy individual Virtual Desktops
  • Install and Configure VMware View Composer
  • Deploy Linked Clones and Automated Desktop Pools
  • Practice Desktop Refresh and Recomposition
  • Use Windows Profiles to optimize Virtual Desktop Performance
  • Install and Configure the VMware View Security Server
  • Implement Security Certificates for VMware View
  • Configure firewall rules for VMware View
  • Connect securely to Virtual Desktop VM's from a variety of platforms/locations
  • Connect to Virtual Desktops


  • Participants qualify to take the Certified Virtualized Datacenter Administrator (CVDA ) exam at no additional charge. Qualifying candidates will receive their (CVDA ) certificate and access to other resources within 2 weeks of qualification

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  • The vSphere Infrastructure Deployment  VMware View Virtual Desktop Deployment is intended for IT professionals with familiarity with Windows Server and TCP/IP Networking.
4 Days  

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