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vSphere6 Private Cloud Ultimate Bootcamp Masterclass


This fast paced, high energy, hands-on course provides not only the foundation needed for a top performing software defined datacenter it also provides the latest in virtualization and cloud technologies which gives the engineer or administrator the knowledge and skills needed to design and manage the datacenter for tomorrow’s needs. This course will cover everything from design, installation, configuration, best practices, performance monitoring, and just about everything in between!

Why Attend this Course:

  • Learn far more than just how to use the product. This course teaches the why behind the how which is vital to any engineer or administrator in the business.
  • Why attend 2 to 4 other classes to get the same knowledge found in this one course? This course covers content and concepts from multiple VMware® classes: Install, Configure, Manage; What's New!; Manage for Performance; Fast Track; and Troubleshooting!
  • Our team of developers have many years of experience working and consulting in the industry. This team has included best practices learned from the field, no need to test the theoretical best practices, start implementing real world use cases directly after the course.
  • Qualified Instructors do make a difference! Our trainers are not just trainers, they are consultants with a well-rounded knowledge base.
  • Every datacenter makes use of 3rd party products or tools, why not learn the best in the industry? This course will cover the best in the industry of both free and paid 3rd party products that make a real difference!
  • Every IT professional enjoys learning new technologies! This course will help in two ways – A: It will teach you the fastest way to get the job done right! B: It will teach you the latest technologies used in today’s datacenters related to virtualization and the private cloud.
  • Take the VM’s home with you for additional work after class!
  • 50% of your time will be hands on!

Course Objectives:

You will learn:

  • Latest technologies in virtualization and cloud infrastructures
  • Foundational concepts in virtualization and cloud technologies
  • Designing your infrastructure for today and tomorrow
  • How to install ESXi
  • How to configure the virtual network with performance and security in mind
  • How to configure storage with performance and security in mind
  • How vCLI and PowerCLI can help do the job faster
  • When to make use of advanced features such as DRS, DPM, Distributed Switches, Fault Tolerance and other key features
  • How Multipathing to storage devices works and when it should be used
  • How vMotion and SvMotion functions
  • Hot to perform backups and what 3rd party tools work best
  • How vVols can make a difference in your datacenter

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  • Network+ Certification or Equivalent Knowledge
  • Two Years’ Experience with Microsoft or Linux Servers
  • Basic Virtualization/Cloud Knowledge
5 Days  

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