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Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Fundamentals


This course teaches programmers the skills necessary to create Microsoft Visual Basic® programming system desktop applications and satisfies the Visual Basic prerequisites for Course KT-1013

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Build custom, multiple-form applications.
  • Incorporate dynamic menus, pop-up menus, status bars, and     custom toolbars into applications.
  • Implement form-level and field-level input validation.
  • Debug applications using debugging tools provided in Visual Basic 6.
  • Use standard controls, control arrays, and create controls dynamically.
  • Execute centralized error-handling in applications.
  • Use the data control for database access.
  • Implement drag and drop in Visual Basic-based applications.
  • Use Microsoft ActiveX® controls in Visual Basic-based applications.
  • Create setup programs to distribute applications.

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Working knowledge of programming concepts.

5 Days  

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Comments on the Course

This class can be scheduled as a 5 day or a 3 day accelerated course.  The same content will be covered in the accelerated course.   Instructor is a MCT, MCSE, MCSD and has taught in Redmond for Microsoft several times.