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WSAD v5.0 Quick Start for Java Programmers


This course is intended for Java programmers who are interested in using WSAD to build their applications.

Applications you develop during the course are based on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) component model that uses servlets and JSPs for the control and flow of e-business applications. You are going to use WSAD to develop J2EE applications, including servlets, JSPs, and Enterprise JavaBeans, debug and test them in the WSAD built-in WebSphere Application Server test environment. You will also use WSAD to some other standalone Java applications.


  • Introduction to WebSphere Studio Application Developer
  • Installing and setting up WebSphere Studio Application Developer
  • Creating Java applications using WSAD
  • Creating Web applications (servlets and JSPs) using WSAD
  • Testing Web applications using WSAD WebSphere Test Environment
  • Creating EJBs using WSAD
  • Deploying J2EE applications to WebSphere Application Server,Advanced Single Server Edition, Version 4.x
    Migrating Java applications to WSAD

Practical Work
Extensive practical exercises take students through all major aspects of the design and development of Java programs. Students will be introduced to various wizards and tools available in WSAD.

What you will learn

  • Develop, debug and test Java applications using WSAD
  • Develop and test servlets using WSAD
  • Develop and test JSPs using WSAD
  • Develop and test session EJBs using WSAD
  • Develop and test entity EJBs using WSAD
  • Use JavaBeans, JSPs and servlets in accordance with the MVC programming model
  • Assemble J2EE components and applications and perform integration testing
  • Use Ant, JUnit and the built-in profiler features of WSAD
  • Create Web Services using WSAD
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Experienced Java developers who plan to do J2EE development such as Servlet, JSP and EJB developers will benefit from this course.  
3 Days  

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