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WebSphere Commerce Suite Programming


The objective of this course is to make programmers become expert WebSphere Commerce Suite developers. The course begins with VisualAge for Java team development best practices. It then builds a strong base in advanced WebSphere programming using JSP, EJB, and Servlet. Students are then introduced to WCS commands and EJB development. The course provides a detailed understanding of the most important subsystems such as Order, User, and Catalog.


  • Advanced Introduction to VisualAge for Java
  • Setting up VAJ Team Development
  • Team Development Best Practices
    • Version Control in VAJ
    • Version Control of File-Based Content (Clear Case)
    • Common Pit Falls and Recovery
  • Change Management
    • Setting up VAJ Team Environment
    • Setting up WCS Development Environment
    • File Version Control
    • Build Process
    • Deployment Process
    • Defect Tracking
  • WebSphere Programming and Best Practices
    • Servlet
    • Advanced EJB
    • JSP
    • JDBC Connection Pooling
  • WCS Programming
    • MVC Pattern
    • Controller Commands
    • Task Commands
    • View Commands
    • Error Handling
  • WCS Subsystems
    • Advanced Understanding of Order, Catalog, and Member Subsystems
    • Database Tables and Their Purpose
    • Available EJB Components
  • WCS Customization Techniques
    • Developing Custom JSPs
    • Extending Existing Commands
    • Combining Existing Commands
    • Sample Customization Scenario
  • WCS Security Model
    • Authentication
    • Command Protection
    • Failure Handling
  • Store Archive and Store Deployment
    • Anatomy of a Store Archive
    • Advantages
    • Building Store Archive
    • Using Store Services Tool
  • Problem Determination Techniques
    • Tracing and Logging
    • Analyzing Log Files
    • Common Problems and Resolutions
    • Measuring EJB and command performance using Resource Analyzer

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Intermediate Java developers.  
5 Days  

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