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EJB Programming with WebSphere Studio Application


This course is an advanced introduction to the Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) technology. It starts by introducing the concepts and is, therefore, ideal for someone who has never programmed using EJB. The course rapidly picks up and ends with advanced concepts that students can use in real life to complete large scale EJB-based projects. The development and labs will be based on IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD).


  • An Introduction to EJB explaining the general principles of
    • J2EE architecture
    • Application servers
    • Distributed computing
    • Distributed transactions
    • Distributed security
  • The session EJB specification
  • Building session EJBs using WSAD
  • The entity EJB specification
  • Building entity EJBs using WSAD
  • EJB exceptions
  • EJB transaction management
    • Advanced EJB concepts with WebSphere Application Server-specific details
    • Advanced CMP EJB data mapping
    • EJB pooling mechanism
    • Exceptions and transaction control in WebSphere Application Server
    • Access beans
    • Advanced finder logic
    • Achieving high scalability and concurrency
  • EJB deployment and WebSphere Application Server resources configuration
  • J2EE design patterns

  • What you will learn
    Students develop session beans using WSAD, including accessing a database from session beans and EJB Java clients. Then they develop CMP entity beans, including EJB/RBD mapping and finder methods. Students will also develop access beans. The purpose is to display the use of development, testing and deployment tools for the improvement of EJB development productivity.

    • After completing this course, the student should be able to:
    • Understand the need for EJB.
    • Understand EJB specification at an expert level.
    • Understand how to develop, test and deploy EJBs using WSAD.
    • Understand J2EE design patterns.
    • Learn the industry secrets in EJB scalability.

      This course is intended for intermediate to advanced Java programmers. System architects will find the advanced concepts especially beneficial in designing a framework.

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  • A good understanding of object-oriented programming using Java.
  • An understanding of servlets and JSPs.
  • An understanding of Web applications
5 Days  

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