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MQSeries Advanced Application Programming


This course begins with a technical introduction of MQ Series and proceeds with administration and programming concepts. Administration is a large part of working with MQ Series. Coverage of the administrative concepts will greatly aid the students to gain an advanced understanding of the subject.

Students will learn how to use the advanced options of the Message Queue Interface (MQI). During their hands-on labs, students will practice implementing these advanced MQSeries features, in either common business-oriented language (Java or C), on the Windows NT platform.

During the class, students will perform hands on Java development. The use of Java will prepare the students to eventually integrate a WebSphere or WebLogic based application with existing backend systems.

This is the second course in a two-part programming series focused on the advanced features, such as security, message groups, and message segmentation.


  • MQI security
  • MQINQ and MQSET calls QI across the different MQSeries platforms
  • Message groups and message segmentation
  • Distribution lists

Practical work  

Students will first configure queues. Then they will develop various Java classes that will exploit some of the advanced features of MQSeries.

What you will learn

  • Upon the completion of this course, the student should be able to:
  • Describe the functions of the advanced features available in MQI
  • Evaluate the implementation and use of these advanced features in your MQSeries environment
  • Design and write programs that use the advanced features of MQI as implemented on the chosen platform

This course is ideal for developers responsible for extensive MQ-based programming. The course will also help the senior developers who would like to architect a solution for integration between various enterprise applications.

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Previous programming experience using Java or C.

2 Days  

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