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IBM WebSphere Process Server V7.0 Problem Determination


In this course, students learn how to troubleshoot problems that may appear in an IBM WebSphere Process Server V7 environment.

To enable system administrators who work with WebSphere Process Server to be self-sufficient and effective in discovering and resolving runtime problems, this course teaches students how to use various problem isolation techniques. Many of the methodologies introduced in this course are also used by IBM consultants and IBM support teams to assist their customers.

The course begins with an introduction to the tools and techniques that are common to both WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Process Server problem determination. It then goes on to cover other WebSphere problem determination topics, which include gathering and analyzing tracing data, troubleshooting problems with components such as WebSphere Adapters and the Business Process Choreographer, and using various problem determination tools that are available for WebSphere users. Since Java memory issues such as hung threads and out-of-memory can be crucial to runtime performance, Java memory management topics are also covered.

Hands-on lab exercises provided throughout the course reinforce the concepts learned in the lectures, and enable students to put their newly learned problem determination skills into practice. The exercises cover skills such as collecting data with the IBM Support Assistant, discovering whether the issue is with the Application Server or the Process Server, analyzing event messages, and troubleshooting problems with long-running business processes and Service Component Architecture (SCA) applications.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe key problem determination steps
  • Describe error prevention strategies
  • Identify and collect MustGather data for WebSphere Process Server
  • Utilize the server logs viewer tool to read logging and tracing files
  • Query failed events through Failed Event Monitor and resubmit the events after the problem is resolved
  • Describe the unit-of-work scopes in the WebSphere Process Server environment
  • Locate the system exception destination
  • Validate business objects by using Service Component Architecture (SCA) declarations and BOInstanceValidator application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Examine the trace log to follow the navigation steps inside the business process engine
  • Explain some of the common error messages associated with people assignment
  • Isolate and troubleshoot WebSphere Adapter-related runtime problems


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Who Needs to Attend

  • This course is for system administrators.


Students should successfully complete the following course, or have equivalent experience:

Administration of IBM WebSphere Process Server V7

5 Days  

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