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Hands-On Installing, Administering and Supporting Microsoft Windows 7


This course will teach you:

  • New Features of Windows 7
  • Deployment and Security Issues
  • Management Tool Changes
  • New Networking Tools and Features
  • Automating with PowerShell and Scripting
  • Improving Systems Performance and Stability
  • Effective Deployment Tools
  • Configuring for a Zero-Touch Deployment
  • The New Desktop Interface
  • The IPv6 stack & IPv4
  • Security Auditing
  • Troubleshooting Techniques

This is an interactive class: Laptops will be provided to each student.

A smoother transition to Windows 7 with less time, effort, and resources

This is certainly the most eagerly awaited operating system in a long time. You've made the decision to upgrade. There are many promises made in this latest operating system release. What enhancements will truly benefit you with this new platform? How will systems in place react to Windows 7? How will the new user interface be accepted in your environment? Its probably been awhile since you have upgraded your operating system  the issues and challenges will be there  but you can have the information you need and your questions answered to make a smoother transition.

This two-day workshop will give you, the network administrator or IT professional, the answers you need to make informed decisions. You will know before going into the install how this operating system will affect your existing programs and installed software; how it will affect efficiencies, security, and troubleshooting issues; and how it will affect the number-one concern: your users. With coaching from an industry expert, youll be armed with the information and skill to effectively and methodically make a smooth conversion to Windows 7 in your environment, saving you time, frustration and money in the long run.

Skills You Will Put Into Immediate Action:

This is an interactive class: Laptops will be provided to each student.This "no-fluff" course will not waste time covering what you already know. Youll examine whats new, whats better and what is not so perfect in Windows 7. This program will get right to the good stuff and answer the key concerns that will benefit you most, such as:

  • How the new user interface will affect users and how to overcome resistance
  • Application compatibility issues and making older apps function well on Windows 7
  • De-mystifying new network features that may seem confusing, with an in-class coach who will walk you through the features, their benefits and potential pitfalls
  • A clear, easily understood presentation of deployment toolsknow how they work and which are best for your situation so you save time and energy on the upgrade
  • Uncovering undocumented tips and tricks to improve performance without additional or unnecessary hardware purchases
  • Understanding IPv6 addressing and the coexisting technologies with IPv4
  • Application compatibilitysee the methods that make older applications work well with Windows 7
  • A comfortable understanding of why upgrading to Windows 7 is the best decision for your company and your environment
  • We are not cheerleaders for Microsoft. Youll hear it all and well focus on the real-world tasks that you need to perform carefully and monitor. Learn more than just the easy stuff. Leave this workshop with the real answers you need.

Solid, useful benefits for anyone involved in upgrading to Windows 7:

  • 1.Tackle software and application compatibility concerns with ease
  • 2.Understand the new features throughout Windows 7 and determine which systems you will want to incorporate and which you will not
  • 3.Reduce costs of deployment and user resistance to the new technology  for both subtle and major changes
  • 4.Take advantage of new features without introducing usability problems
  • 5.Implement IPv6 applications, increase network features, and increase efficient utilization
  • 6.Reduce the workload of support technicians by automating routine tasks
  • 7.Migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 without making common costly mistakes along the way
  • 8.Discover potential problems and pitfalls before you begin deploying Windows 7 and create a plan to deal with potential issues before they happen
  • 9.Learn the appropriate software and hardware needed to make a zero-touch deployment work the first time
  • 10.Improve performance for all users when accessing priority data stores
  • 11.Utilize UAC for positive security benefits without creating hassles for your users
  • 12.Master and understand the interface yourself first, then confidently help your users overcome fear of the new
  • 13.Get the differences between PowerShell and CMD.EXE use command line tools correctly to improve efficiency and consistency
  • 14.Confidently implement IPv6 in your organization before the have to time has arrived
  • 15.Improve performance for branch office users by localizing commonly accessed data
  • 16.Improve your success rate on complex configurations from desktop to desktop
  • 17.Better improve hardware and system stability by implementing tested, compatible device drivers
  • 18.Know exactly what is happening on your Windows 7 computers so you can better optimize their performance

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With all the new features, new enhancements and overall changes coming with Windows 7, this program is an ideal environment to quickly get up to speed in planning and executing your conversion process. Those who will benefit most include:

  • IT Managers/Directors
  • Network Administrators
  • Desktop Administrators
  • HelpDesk Professionals
  • If you are responsible for supporting Windows desktops on a network and have a basic understanding of networking concepts and TCP/IP, youre an ideal candidate for this course. You wont want to miss it.



3 Days  

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