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Fast Track to SOA and Java Web Services (JAX-WS)


Web services are designed to allow Web-based access to distributed software and business services.  They bring a standard, open service architecture to component development that allows them to be accessed over the Web with standard protocols such as HTTP and standard XML formats for messages and service descriptions.  This course will give you a thorough understanding of the current Web services architecture, and the technologies that support Web services including the new Java APIs such as JAX-WS and JSR-181.  Topics include:

  • SOAP  Simple Object Access Protocol - A remote invocation (RPC) and messaging mechanism.
  • WSDL  Web services Description Language  An XML language that describes the interface and semantics of a Web service.
  • JAX-WS  Accessing Web services using the latest Java APIs including JAX-WS, JSR-181, JAXB
  • SAAJ  Soap with Attachments API for Java
  • Security  Basic Authentication, HTTPS, and Web Services Security
  • UDDI  Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration  A standard for describing, publishing and finding Web services.  
  • The WS-* Standards

We will look at the current state of the art of Web services, what works and what doesnt work, and also at newer standards, and how they fit into the Web services picture.  This course is hands on, and students will actually build and deploy a Web service during the course.

All labs are programmed/deployed with the Eclipse IDE, and the lab instructions include detailed directions for using it.



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3 Days  

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