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WebSphere Business Modeler for Business Process Management


This course introduces the participants to Business Modeling. The course also introduces the fundamentals of Service Oriented Analysis and Design (SOAD). The course uses IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced edition as the modeling tool. A well-constructed business process model can help modelers identify inefficiencies and problems with business models earlier in the cycle and eliminate those hidden inefficiencies leading to savings in costs and improving performance.


The primary objective of this course is to provide information on these areas:

  • Introduction to Business Process Modeling
  • IBM Tools for BPM
  • Using WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced edition
  • Introduction to Service Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Business Process Modeling Methodology
  • Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and Flow Definition Language (FDL)
  • Model Elements
  • Process Modeling
  • Process Simulation
  • Analyzing Process Models and Simulations
  • Creating queries and reports
  • Exporting Models
  • Publishing Projects
  • Versioning Projects
  • Business Metric Measurement

What you will learn:

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the need for Business Process Modeling
  • Learn to use WebSphere Business Modeler to create Business Models
  • Understand the basics of Service Oriented Analysis and Design and relate it to Business Process Models
  • Model business processes
  • Analyze Business Models
  • Perform various activities such as querying and reporting associated with business process models
  • Add Key Performance Indicators to a Business Model


  • This course is designed for managers, architects and business analysts, who need to model, design, analyze and generate reports for business process at their organizations.

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  • No technical prerequisites are required for this course. However, it is expected that the audience has some experience with working on IT or other projects.
5 Days  

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