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EJB 3.0 Programming Using RAD 7.5


This course is an introduction to the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3) technology. It starts by introducing the concepts and is ideal for someone who has never programmed using EJB. The course rapidly picks up and ends with advanced concepts that students can use in real life to complete large scale EJB based projects. The labs are done using RAD 7.5 and WebSphere 7.0 runtime.


  • Introduction to Java EE 5 and WebSphere Application Server
  • EJB Overview
  • Session Beans
  • Java Persistene API (JPA)
  • Transactions
  • Security
  • Message-Driven Beans
  • EJB Design Patterns

What you will learn:

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the need for EJB
  • Understand the EJB 3.0 specification at an expert level
  • Understand how to develop, test, and deploy EJBs
  • Gain knowledge of EJB Design Patterns
  • Learn the industry secrets in EJB scalability
  • Learn how to develop all types of EJB beans using RAD 7.5.


  • This course is intended for intermediate to advanced Java programmers. System architects will find the advanced concepts especially beneficial in designing a framework.

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  • Good Java programming knowledge. Be familiar with web application programming, including servlets and JSPs.
5 Days  

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