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Introduction to Solution and Software Architecture


This course introduces the students to the fundamentals of Solution and Software Architecture. Within the broader strategic vision that Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides, there is a need to provide structure and guidance around the more tactical solution architecture capabilities that are developed to ensure they are consistent with the broader EA strategy. Within the context of each solution stack, there is additionally a need to properly craft software solutions so that they are in compliance with and help to enable the vision of the larger solution architecture. This course provides the critical linkage between Enterprise, Solution, and Software Architectures.

Throughout the three days, the course content is reinforced through hands-on exercises, group discussion, and case study examination. Students will leave with a balanced understanding of the leading Solution and Software Architecture approaches in the marketplace and a solid grasp regarding how to align those within the context of a broader Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy.


  • Architecture Primer
  • Understanding Enterprise Solution Architecture
  • Solution Architecture Core Elements
  • Working with Solution Architecture Styles
  • What Is Software Architecture?
  • Quality Attributes
  • Software Architecture Reviews     
  • Software Architecture-Based Development
  • Reuse of Architectural Assets     
  • Architectural Views
  • Architecture within Industry Verticals

What you will learn:

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Discuss what architecture is
  • Describe Enterprise Solution Architecture and its core elements
  • Describe software architecture
  • Discuss the software architecture quality attributes
  • Explain how architecture based development is carried out
  • Describe how architecture documentation is performed


  • This course is designed for Architects, Developers, Designers and Analysts.

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  • Basic understanding of software development.
3 Days  

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