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Puppet Configuration and Administration Training


This course presents the system management and configuration tool known as Puppet, from methods, techniques, capabilities to implementation. Each participant will learn how to install the Puppet master and agent (client) applications along with the impact on the Linux system. A lot of time and attention will be spent in learning, writing, and applying resource definitions, the key part of Puppet that allows an administrator to synchronize environments easily and uniformly.


At the completion of the course, participants should be able to :

  • install and configure Puppet servers and clients
  • create and modify manifests that contain resource definitions
  • create and modify classes
  • create and modify modules
  • create and modify node definitions
  • create and modify environments
  • apply manifests, classes, nodes, and environments
  • extend Puppet with functions
  • Use (and extend) Facter facts
  • generate basic reports
  • use tools MCollective, Hiera
  • extend Hiera data sources
  • design a 'best practice' strategy for using Puppet capabilities


This course is for Linux systems administrators looking to automate the provisioning of key areas of the Linux system, such as packages, services, and distribution of (ssh) keys.

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It is assumed that participants are working systems administrators with some scripting knowledge (bash, ksh, Perl or Python) and an understanding of the various system tasks relating to setting up and supporting Linux systems.

3 Days  

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