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What is New in Java 8


This Java 8 New Features training course covers the major changes in the Java 8 platform, one of the most significant updates to Java in some time.  After Oracle bought out Sun, Java 6 was around for quite a while.  Oracle decided to release the "easy stuff" in Java 7 while working on some of the more significant changes for Java 8.

Besides a long sought-after API for working better with Date and Time, one of the most significant changes in Java 8 are 'Lambda Expressions'.  These allow you to treat a function implementation like an object and have far-reaching impacts on what you can do with Java.  New approaches to filtering, sorting and performing calculations with Collections are now possible with Lambda Expressions.  You can also use Lambda Expressions in many places where previously you needed an extraneous anonymous class so this will simply code.

This training covers all of these important changes in the Java 8 platform along with some of the more significant changes from Java 7.  Any experienced Java programmer who wishes to quickly get up to speed on the recent changes in Java 8 will find this course extremely valuable.


  • Summary of Recent Java Changes
  • Date/Time API
  • Java NIO and NIO.2
  • Java Concurrency and Fork/Join Framework
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Collections Stream API
  • Built-in Lambda Types
  • Advanced Functional Programming

Practical Work

The labs provide hands-on experience working with the new features of Java 8 and Java 7.

What you will learn

After Completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe the major recent changes in Java
  • Utilize the functionality of the Java 8 Date/Time API
  • Work with Java NIO and NIO.2
  • Work with the advanced Java Concurrency of the Fork/Join Framework
  • Define Lambda Expressions
  • Utilize the Collections Stream API
  • Use the Built-in Lambda Types with Lambda Expressions
  • Easily implement many advanced patterns with Lambda functional programming


This training course is intended for programmers who are familiar with Java and want to learn about the new features and recent changes of Java SE 8 and Java SE 7.

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A good understanding of object-oriented programming using Java.  The following course can provide this experience:

2 Days  

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