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Comprehensive AngularJS Programming Training


 AngularJS training introduces the AngularJS framework, which has become a popular JavaScript framework for the development of "single page" Rich Internet Applications.  The AngularJS framework augments applications with the "model-view-controller" pattern which makes applications easier to develop and test because there is a separation of responsibilities within the code.  Although there are many benefits to using the AngularJS framework it is fairly different than the way "typical" web applications involving JavaScript have been designed.

The Comprehensive AngularJS Programming Training course will provide an introduction to AngularJS and commonly related topics including the Bootstrap responsive framework and popular build tools. Once they've completing the course participants can begin developing AngularJS applications with responsive features quickly and easily.


In this training, attendees will learn how to:

  • Create single page web applications using the MVC pattern of AngularJS
  • Understand the programming model provided by the AngularJS framework
  • Define Angular controllers and directives
  • Control Angular data bindings
  • Implement Responsive Web Applications with AngularJS
  • Use popular build tools to speed development.

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Attendees should have some prior understanding of web development, HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript.

5 Days  

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