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Advanced Java 8 Using Eclipse


This course teaches how to develop advanced Java applications using Eclipse. The advanced features of Java that developers may be using in many different types of programs are covered.

This course also covers many of the advanced features added in Java 7 and Java 8.


This course is intended for programmers who are familiar with Java and want to learn about the advanced features of Java.


  • Java Logging API
  • JDBC
  • JPA (Java Persistence)
  • JAXB (Java-XML Binding)
  • Networking
  • Internationalization
  • Date/Time API
  • Annotations
  • Security
  • Java NIO and NIO.2
  • Threads
  • Java Concurrency and Fork/Join Framework
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Collections Stream API
  • Built-in Lambda Types
  • Advanced Functional Programming
  • JUnit
  • Summary of Recent Java Changes
  • Parsing XML with SAX
  • Parsing XML with DOM

What You Will Learn

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Use the logging capabilities built into the Java language
  • Work with database data using various Java technologies
  • Work with XML from Java code
  • Use networking technologies of Java
  • Use the support for multiple languages provided by Java
  • Utilize the functionality of the Java 8 Date/Time API
  • Work with Java Annotations
  • Use the security APIs provided with the Java language
  • Work with Java NIO and NIO.2
  • Work with multi-threaded Java applications
  • Work with the advanced Java Concurrency of the Fork/Join Framework
  • Define Lambda Expressions
  • Utilize the Collections Stream API
  • Use the Built-in Lambda Types with Lambda Expressions
  • Easily implement many advanced patterns with Lambda functional programming
  • Test Java code using JUnit
  • Describe the major recent changes in Java

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A good understanding of object-oriented programming using Java.  The following course can provide this experience:

5 Days  

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