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This two-day DevOps workshop for a DevOps Manager or leader is loaded with practical real-world information.  From the foremost agile development training company, comes a course to move the dial on your organizations’ DevOps journey. A DevOps Manager or leader  will leave this course loaded with knowledge on the available people, processes, culture, and tools for DevOps, ready to select what's right for your company and to roadmap the journey for your organization.  The class provides two DevOps implementation case studies, a 30-60-90 roadmap to implementing DevOps in your organization, DevOps organizational maturity assessment, as well as, patterns and best practices to enable you to confidently lead a DevOps implementation.  This class demystifies the fundamental shift for a DevOps Manager or leader  from focusing only on the tools or scripting to using DevOps for measurably higher performance from organizations of all sizes for solving business problems in a timely manner.

As part of DevOps management, you should be aware of how to confidently design a DevOps roadmap for your organization, understand the various key components, and communicate your DevOps progress. DevOps Management also requires you to understand that automation is a key to success and how to create a culture that supports technology-enabled business.

This Training course for a DevOps Manager and leader continue to be in high demand. The topics covered in the course are:

  • DevOps journey
  • Cultural alignment
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Continuous Integration Tools
  • Monitoring
  • Measurement
  • Automation Scripting
  • Agile
  • Building Tools
  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Code Quality
  • DevOps DBA
  • Servers
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization
  • Best Practices

This workshop will be particularly useful for leaders implementing or considering DevOps for their organization including the following:

  • Anyone in an IT Leadership role
  • CIOs / CTOs
  • Lead System Administrators
  • Software Reliability Engineers
  • ScrumMasters
  • Software Managers and Team Leads
  • IT Project & Program Managers
  • Product Owners and Managers


  • Case studies
  • Tools
  • Build & release management
  • Agile
  • Cloud & Virtualization
  • Automation & Scripting
  • Configuration management
  • Monitoring
  • Measurement
  • Version control
  • Workforce Strategy


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Confidently design a DevOps roadmap for your organization.
  • Understand the various key components.
  • Communication and evangelization of your DevOps progress.
  • How automation is key to success
  • Understand the key components;  tools, processes, and people required
  • Apply the knowledge to improve reliability of build & release processes
  • Become literate in the vernacular of DevOps
  • Learn the metrics and analytics that provide understanding of your organizational maturity
  • Monitor your team and application lifecycle management effectiveness
  • Understand how to create a culture that supports technology-enabled business
  • Apply technology, people and process to shift left
  • Map out the workforce strategy required for organizational success
  • Compare other organizational journeys in DevOps to understand options and approaches

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A desire to learn how to successfully implement DevOps in your organization.

2 Days  

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