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Java Servlets and JSP


You'll learn how to:

  • use servlets and JSPs to build well-structured web applications that implement the MVC pattern
  • use the Tomcat web server on your own system
  • use the NetBeans IDE to speed up development and testing
  • take advantage of the functionality that's built into HTML5 and CSS3 for cutting-edge web page design
  • Then, you'll build on that base to master the skills you'll use in almost every servlet/JSP application you write. That means you'll learn how work with sessions and cookies...JavaBeans...the JSP Expression Language (EL)...the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)...and custom JSP tags.

But that's just the first half of the class! At that point, you can build out your skills in any way you want. You will then:

  • database programming using either the JDBC API or the newer JPA (Java Persistence API); you can use these to work with any DBMS, but this book shows the practical details using MySQL
  • JavaMail to send email
  • SSL to establish secure connections
  • authentication to manage access to web resources
  • advanced HTTP skills
  • listeners and filters
  • introductory JSF (JavaServer Faces)...a popular, alternate approach to servlet/JSP programming that you may want to learn more about  

Finally, to tie everything together, the last two chapters present an e-commerce website that puts all these skills into context. Once you understand how this website works, you'll have all the skills and code you need to start creating your own custom web applications.

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Basic Java skills that you should get from any core Java course or equivalent knowledge. 

5 Days  

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