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Intermediate Java Programming


This course teaches programming in the Java language -- i.e. the Java Standard Edition platform. It is intended for students with previous Java experience or training, who already know the fundamentals of the Java architecture and basic procedural programming. This course provides in-depth coverage of object-oriented concepts and how to apply them to Java software design and development. We then move from these basic skills into key parts of the Java SE Core API, including collections, logging, streams, and object serialization. A final chapter introduces automated unit-testing practices using JUnit.
Students come to Java from a wide range of backgrounds, and this course is designed to be as flexible as possible over the upper end of that range.

    Learning Objectives
    * Chiefly, learn to program effectively in the Java language.

    * Understand the Java software architecture, and the design decisions which make Java software portable, efficient, secure and robust.

    * Learn how to configure a simple Java development environment.

    * Know the grammar, data types and flow control constructs of the Java language for simple procedural programming.

    * Understand Java as a purely object-oriented language, and implement software as systems of classes.

    * Implement and use inheritance and polymorphism, including interfaces and abstract classes.

    * Design appropriate exception handling into Java methods, and use the logging API appropriately.

    * Understand the structure of streams in Java, and learn how to use streams to manage file I/O.

    * Learn how to use Java Serialization to internalize and externalize potentially complex graphs of objects.

    * Build unit tests for Java classes using JUnit

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Students must be able to write, compile, test, and debug simple Java programs, using structured programming techniques, strong data types, and flow-control constructs such as conditionals and loops.

5 Days  

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