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RESTful Java


In Complete Java RESTful Services, students not only learn the concepts and design principles associated with Representational State Transfer (REST), they also take a deep dive into JAX-RS  Javas standard API for REST development.  This is an intense hands-on course for Java programmers intent on learning how to design and build RESTful services and clients that exchange information in plain text, XML, JSON and other formats.  Students spend almost 50% of their time in labs building JAX-RS services and REST clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts of REST.
  • Explore the conventions and design principals associated with REST services.
  • Learn the JAX-RS API for building services from annotated plain old Java objects (POJOs).
  • See how to produce and consume multiple data formats to include XML and JSON.
  • Examine how to secure Java REST services.
  • See how to build Java REST client applications.


  • This course is designed for Java programmers who have interest in learning how to build or maintain Java RESTful Web services using JAX-RS.

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  • A solid understanding of Java is required.  An understanding of HTTP is also expected.  An understanding of XML is helpful.
2 Days  

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