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Course Description

One of the hottest jobs in Information Technology today is Linux Administration. As the Cloud vendors continue to grow, the need for talented and knowledgeable Linux Administrators will continue to grow with them. While you may believe that it can take years to acquire the expertise necessary to succeed in this field, you might be surprised.

Industry certification is the first step to demonstrating your ability to succeed in a demanding and fast paced technical environment. The Linux Professional Institute has released what has become the global standard in Linux Certification. These certifications (called LPIC - Linux Professional Institute Certifications and CompTIA Linux+) are important to any company looking to hire experienced and capable Linux professionals.

Our trainers and partners are CompTIA Content Provider, CompTIA Training Partner, and Linux Professional Institute Training partner, you can ensure your getting the BEST training while preparing for your Linux+ 3-in-1 certification. You can ensure that our content has been rigorously reviewed by CompTIA, Procert, and the Linux ProfessionalInstitute. 


About the course

This course is taught by Linux+ and LPIC Certified industry professionals with an accumulative 35 years of Linux experience in the real world. This course is self-paced and includes videos, assignments, practice exams and exam voucher. You will receive the whole package and of course 1-on-1 instructor help anytime you need it.

As a part of the members only community; you can ask users who have taken the exam about their experience taking and how they prepared. You also have access to instructors as well to help you along the way.


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Never used Linux before?

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or a beginner, we provide you with all the tools necessiary to succeed. With our 1-click interface and personalized lab server you can jump right in and start learning Linux. IT THAT EASY!


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