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Professional Cloud Developer


As cloud computing continues to evolve, so does the role of the professional cloud developer. The modules in this course systematically lay out the core components of the cloud developer function and necessary skills.


  • Summarizes the key criteria for suitability for migration of legacy apps.
  • Contrasts the DevOps / NoOps debate through reference to practical applications.
  • Distinguishes the implications of delivering business process via a cloud model.
  • Explains the various target deployment models and platforms available.
  • Relates the contrasting requirements of restful and restless services.
  • Distinguishes the common design provisions when designing to meet failure.
  • Explains the differing monetization models for the different phases of development.
  • Shows the factors determining the use of monetizing apps.
  • Illustrates the various licensing models for cloud environments.
  • Summarizes the main areas of legislative compliance for cloud development.
  • Shows the most common security threats and potential breaches in the different cloud environments.
  • Compares the relative benefits of the different login / sign on mechanisms available.
  • Explains the intersections between cloud design and the management of metadata.
  • Shows the impact of semantic technologies on the various stages of cloud development.
  • Explains and produces the testing stages for cloud and non-cloud environments.
  • Discovers and understands how to automate cloud testing functions.
  • Compares the benefits of public and private sandbox strategies
  • Shows the differences between available coding languages with successful deployment in mind.
  • Compares the portability requirements of the more common platforms.
  • Analyzes the necessary controls and mechanisms for appropriate and secure tenant management within a multi-tenant environment.
  • Contrasts the choice of an appropriate application architecture concept in a given case study scenario.
  • Distinguishes and understands the key issues in maintaining interoperability between inter-dependent cloud systems.
  • Contrasts the development issues relating to online sourcing environments for a SaaS cloud.
  • Illustrates the impact of social and open APIs and other data mash-ups on the development process.


  • Developers

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Strong understanding of Cloud Computing

3 Days  

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